How To Ensure Your Personal Pitch Is Perfect

How To Ensure Your Personal Pitch Is Perfect

For many, the idea of selling yourself to a future employer can be uncomfortable, and even daunting. After all, highlighting your own qualities and skills can seem unnatural. However, knowing how to pitch your achievements and career goals at an interview, career fair or assessment centre could be crucial to landing a graduate job. A […]

How Can Internships Provide Graduates with Career Advice

How Can Internships Provide Graduates with Career Advice?

Internships provide a great opportunity for graduates to get a foot in the door in their preferred industry, or even just to gather some valuable extra experience that can prove hugely attractive when talking to potential employers. For entry-level candidates, experience can often prove to be a stumbling block for those looking to progress in […]

What Should Graduates Think About Before Committing To A Long Commute

What Should Graduates Think About Before Committing To A Long Commute?

When hunting for a job as a graduate it can be really tempting to accept the first offer you get, without giving it a second thought. But this might not always be practical, especially when you factor in the time it takes to get to and from your new workplace. Public transport up and down […]

How Important Is Creativity For Employers When Recruiting Graduates?

Creativity has always been a top priority for employers, as creative thinkers are often the workers who come up with innovative ideas that can develop and improve a company over time. A new study, commissioned by Solopress, has found that two thirds of employers in the UK believe a creative workforce is key to generating […]

Your Guide To Juggling More Than One Job Offer

 You may feel like having just one job offer on the table is cause for celebration, let alone two or three, but if you manage to stand out to one employer, the chances are that you will have impressed others too. It is a nice problem to have, but it can also be an extremely […]

How Important Are Online Job Boards For Recruiting Talented Graduates?

The introduction of social media and other technology has had a huge impact on the way companies recruit new staff, and on where they focus their efforts. More companies are now understanding the importance of having a presence on platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter, but traditional platforms remain popular too – so just how […]

How Can Graduates Illustrate Their Career Readiness To Employers?

For graduates the job search can often pose a wide range of challenges, but one of the big ones is understanding how best to talk about your strengths, abilities and skills to different types of audiences. Some may find that the last time you sent off application material was when applying for university and subsequently […]

How Important Are First Impressions In The Workplace?

It is a well told saying that you only get one chance to make a first impression, particularly in a new working environment. People naturally form opinions in the first few moments of meeting someone, so it is important to think about how you portray yourself. First impressions in the workplace can often shape long-term […]

Tips On How To Answer The Toughest Graduate Interview Questions (Part 3)

Practice really does make perfect when it comes to interviews and dealing with tricky questions; otherwise you can find yourself rushing to try and find an answer, and it may not even be a good one! Preparing effectively can help you feel more confident with your responses and ensure you stay in the moment during […]