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How Are Companies Changing Their Recruitment Processes article
With competition for top graduate talent so fierce, the spotlight is increasingly falling on recruitment processes as firms look to ensure they give themselves the best possible opportunity to hire the right […]
How Can Graduates Turn an Internship into a Full-Time Position (Part 2) article
If you are hopeful of turning an internship into a full-time position than ultimately you need to think of the whole experience as an extended job interview – the perfect chance to […]
How Can Graduates Turn an Internship Into a Full-Time Position (Part 1) article
Even though internships are a way for graduate to learn more about a sector and gain experience of working life, they are also ideal for organisations to ensure individuals have the right […]
Samworth Brothers An Interview with Management Trainee, Carla Askwith article
Name Carla Askwith Which company do you work for? Saladworks/Kettleby (Samworth Brothers) What is your job? Management Trainee Tell us about your experience of working with Discovery Graduates I applied for the […]
How Can Graduates Use Twitter in Their Job Hunt
Social media has become a vital tool for companies looking to spread their message, give an insight into the business and also hire new staff. Not only is it used as a […]
Benefits of Personal Development
The key to managing your own personal development is knowing your own strengths and areas for improvement. Knowing these can help you to develop your weaknesses and turn them into strengths. An […]
How Important Are Extra-Curricular Activities To Employers
For modern employers, hiring a potential candidate comes down to much more than just their degree; they are looking for how well-rounded you are and whether or not you have the skills […]
How Can You Successfully Deal With Multiple Job Application Deadlines
Many internships, work experience placements and graduate schemes can often end up closing the doors on applications around the same time. Therefore, how you manage your time and withstand the pressure can […]
How Important Is It For Graduates To Be Proactive Whilst Job Hunting
Looking for a job can quickly become a frustrating experience if you fail to make any immediate progress, mainly due to the fact that you can feel as though you have very […]