The introduction of social media and other technology has had a huge impact on the way companies recruit new staff, and on where they focus their efforts. More companies are now understanding the importance of having a presence on platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter, but traditional platforms remain popular too – so just how important are online job boards today?

Simply put, they remain incredibly influential. But why is this the case?

When it was first introduced a lot of people thought that social media would become the primary channel for companies to locate, contact and recruit the next generation of talent. However, research undertaken by Bond International Software has found that 81% have used online job sites compared to only 25% who have used social media when looking for a job in the last year.

The research shows that the online job site is still the number one preferred starting point for candidates when they begin their search for a job, with 68% saying that they found them the most helpful. Nearly half (46%) of respondents believed that online job sites offer the most up to date jobs too.

Industry specific job boards

Specialised job boards offer companies a much better chance of attracting candidates with experience and a true interest in their field of work, whereas on major sites, companies are much more likely to receive speculative applications.

Finding a graduate who has a genuine industry in the field can be hugely beneficial for a company; not only can it drastically reduce the length of the recruitment process, but they will also be more likely to adapt to the role itself at a quicker rate.

The same research found that 62% of office workers would prefer to use an industry or skill specific job board when looking for a new position.

General job boards

One of the benefits of job boards for candidates is that they can quite easily apply for a whole host of positions at once with very little effort. However, this is not necessarily good news for a business, who now have to sift through hundreds of CV’s to find suitable candidates with the right level of expertise.

For companies who decide on posting vacancies on large job boards, it is vital to get the description right. If you require candidates with a certain level of experience, or with a relevant degree then it is important to specify, otherwise you can find an inbox inundated with applications of all levels.

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