Social media has become a vital tool for companies looking to spread their message, give an insight into the business and also hire new staff. Not only is it used as a way of advertising an opening to attract candidates, but it is also used to gather information on prospective employees and work out whether their personality suits the organisation.

It means social media has become an essential aspect of the job search for graduate jobseekers, and if used correctly it can produce great results.  Compared with other platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter often flies under the radar as a tool for job search success, but this does not mean that it should go unused.

Twitter can be the perfect platform to find job leads, engage with potential employees and build a strong personal brand that is attractive to companies. In order to get the most from the social media platform you need to develop a strategy for achieving your goals and targets.

Follow the right people

A key aspect of Twitter is being able to follow people that interest you, so make sure you are keeping tabs on companies and key figures within your preferred industry. Your feed can quickly fill up before you know it, especially if you are interacting with your friends as well, so it might be worth thinking about creating an account specifically for work.

Don’t be afraid to get involved

One of the biggest benefits of social media, and Twitter in particular, is that everyone now has a voice. This provides you with the opportunity to interact with people that you may otherwise have been unable to get in touch with.

Reply to posts from other people regarding related topics, and retweet things that you find interesting or agree with and you will soon develop a positive digital footprint. Engaging with those with similar interests is a great way to build connections which may be useful for you in the future.

Search for opportunities

Twitter’s search tool is the perfect place to use specific keywords and hashtags to find opportunities that otherwise may have passed you by. For example, a company may have just had an intern cancel two days before they are due to start and be on the hunt for someone willing to begin at short notice. Such opportunities may not be listed elsewhere.

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