Why Internships Are Important For Graduates

Building a CV of solid experience is never easy, especially when you are still in education and are under pressure to achieve excellent exam results. Many employers or recruiters now expect those that are applying for positions to have relevant experience within the workplace due to the increased competition.

Internships are a great way to build your experience and can give you an edge over other candidates, especially when applying for a highly competitive position. Adding to your skills and having proof that you can use them in a work environment is integral to making your more employable.

Link between academic skills and employment skills

There is a difference between what you can learn in the class room and what goes on in the workplace – no matter how much education you do. It is important for employers to know that the skills and knowledge you have can be applied and utilised in the workplace.

Such experience will also give you some confidence in your ability to cope with different challenges, as well as giving you an idea of what working in that particular industry might be like and whether it is right for you.

Meet contacts in the industry

It can be quite difficult to meet people in the industry you want to get into, and you never know just when being able to speak to someone can help you. Interning is the perfect opportunity to start getting to know workers in the industry and find out all you need to know.

People in the office will have got to where they are through various different ways, and speaking to them can help you in your search for employment. Perhaps, they have done some freelance work for a business, or begun at a smaller company that they can put you in touch with.

Soft skills

When applying for positions it can be quite hard to detail the soft skills that you have if you haven’t been in a work environment before. An internship gives you the perfect opportunity to show that you have teamwork, analytical, communication and problem-solving skills, aligned with a strong work ethic that can be included on your CV.

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