The University of Liverpool’s Orthoptics course produces the best paid graduates in the UK, according to a new study.

Just six months after completing the eye care course, graduates are earning an average salary of £21,000, according to figures from the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA).

This salary is 62% higher than the average £13,000 earned by graduates from the same course at other universities around the country.

Earning more cash than elsewhere

Meanwhile, the report also found that no other course available to students has a higher graduate salary to the expected salary of those qualified in Orthoptics.

In terms of salary, Dental Surgery and Medicine and Surgery are the two courses which top the list, leaving young professionals with an average of £30,000 in their bank accounts just six months after graduating.

At the other end of the scale, the lowest average salary for someone graduating from a Liverpool university is £13,000.

Graduates of Criminology at Liverpool John Moores University earned this average figure after six months of graduating, as did those studying Philosophy, History, Ethics and Religion and Theology at Liverpool Hope University.

High earners

Graduates completing the Navigation and Maritime Science from the University of Plymouth could expect to earn the most amount of cash shortly after leaving university.

Students from this discipline can expect to take home the nice sum of £46,000 a year within half a year of graduating.

The second best paying course in the country was Economics and Management from the University of Oxford, which landed graduates £39,000 a year.

However, those studying Optometry from the Universities of Manchester and Bradford or City University in London would earn the average of just £12,000.
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