The results are in for the Top 10 Universities for graduates leaving University this year. As you would expect, Oxbridge does feature, however there are an unexpected few occupying some top spots.

10) The University of Surrey

A university regarded as ‘on the rise’ by many and establishing itself as a top contender in the University League tables, the University of surrey boasts 81.2% of students in employment post graduation day. Now ranked at number 8 in the league tables, this university provides regular careers fairs and a daily opportunity to meet with employers. Their excellent placement programme provides every student with the opportunity to maximise their employability whilst studying.

9) University College London (UCL)

University College London has all the advantages of a capital university. Secure at number 10 in the league tables, this university is estimated to have 86% of graduates entering graduate level employment compared to the national average of 66%. Not only this, but these graduates average a starting salary of £24,572, a staggering 20% higher than the national average. UCL actively promote networking events, with 896 employers attending events arranged by UCL careers service in 2013-2014. The figures speak for themselves.

8) Cardiff University

81.5% of Cardiff University graduates were in employment 6 months after graduating in 2013. This University, located in the heart of Wales, has an outstanding academic record. The Humanities, Physical Social Sciences, Engineering and Technology departments have been noted for their accomplishments and their ‘Careers and Employability Centre’ has a dedicated team of specialist career consultants and advisers to support their students and ensure their future success.

7) Oxford

Ranking at number 7 for employability is Oxford University with 81.9% of graduates in employment within 6 months of exiting those prestigious colleges. Ranking at number 2 in the league tables, Oxford employs a specialised “careers service” to ensure their students can begin their illustrious futures straightaway.

6) London School of Economics (LSE)

83% of LSE Graduates can not only expect to be in employment 6 months after graduating, but they can also anticipate earning £9,000 more than the national average for graduates in employment. With an annual salary of £29,000 a year this is a distinguished university to have on your CV.

5) University of Birmingham

Known for its strong medicine and economics departments, this Russell Group university has achieved 84% graduate employment 6 months post degree completion. The University of Birmingham has an excellent “Careers Network” as well an “Alumni Leadership Mentor Programme”, which offers student one- to -one mentoring with notable Birmingham alumni.

4) University of Bath

Voted number one for student satisfaction two years in a row, University of Bath has recorded 86% of its graduates in employment 6 months after leaving. These alumni are placed in top level jobs and, compared with the national average of 66% in employment of graduates in employment after degree completion, this university is proving its graduates to be impressive recruits.

3) University of Cambridge

Outranking long-time competitor Oxford by four places, the CUG’s number one university in the league tables, University of Cambridge places 88.3% of its graduates in employment post University. Renowned for producing revered international scientists such as Stephen Hawking, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin and celebrating 90 Nobel Prize winners, University of Cambridge is an historical and prestigious institution.

2) St. George’s University of London

Surprisingly it is this specialist university that ranks at number two in the top ten universities for graduate employment. St. George’s University of London ranks at 44 in the league tables and has secured 89.4% of its alumni graduate positions. The university specialises in medical and healthcare sciences and benefits from being the only UK university to share its campus with a teaching hospital, enabling students to engage in a professional environment throughout their degrees. On its medicine programmes, 100% of graduates are employed within six months of graduating.

1) Imperial College London

Ranking 4th in the league tables and occupying the top spot for employability is Imperial College London. A university specialising in science, engineering and maths, 89.9% of students are in employment 6 months after graduating. Its civil engineering graduates have been involved in high-profile international engineering projects such as China’s Three Gorges Dam, London’s new Wembley Stadium and the new Antarctic research station, while the computing department has close ties to Microsoft, IBM, Hewlett-Packard and BT.