As you have progressed with your job search, you may have found yourself widening your boundaries, applying to jobs further and further away in an attempt to get your foot in the door somewhere.

But what happens when you actually get an interview? All of a sudden it dawns on you that you might actually have to relocate in order to secure yourself a role. Some may say yes in a heartbeat, while others might struggle with the uncertainty that accompanies such a big change.

With competition so fierce for most roles, now may be the best time to relocate in the search of better job opportunities, a bigger salary or even career progression. For example, according to statistics from job search engine AdView, 2% of all UK job vacancies are based in Leeds, compared to just 0.2% for Hull, so would it be right to relocate to Hull?

Determining whether or not to move for a job can be challenging, and you may be wrestling over deciding which option best suits you, but thinking certain things through can make the decision clearer.

Understand your finances

Although you may not like to say it, money will play a huge role when it comes deciding whether or not to move for professional reasons. Whilst career happiness is not all about money, moving can be extremely costly, especially when you do not know the area very well.

However, even if the salary is not what you would like, do not forget the bigger picture. Perhaps this new location might have significantly lower living costs, or cheaper transportation, so you may end up taking less out of your monthly wage.

Step forward in your career

One of the more difficult decisions that has to be made is whether or not the job you are offered is the right step in your career. Is the company the right fit? Is there scope for career development? Are the responsibilities of the position suited towards your skill set?

When contemplating relocation, make sure you research thoroughly about what the position entails and decide whether or not it is a step in the right direction for your career. You can also go a little further with your research – the area may be a hotbed for opportunities within your specific field or it may have a large network of similar professionals.

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