Nearly half of graduates have landed their perfect role


Almost half of graduates from the previous four years have landed their dream roles, according to Endsleigh’s 2015 Graduate Survey.

The survey which was carried out by the National Union of Students (NUS), found that 43% of 1,448 graduates had managed to land their dream job, while a further 34% would lie on their CV in order to get that perfect role.

Success in the first year

Although the survey found that 34% had found themselves in roles they hadn’t initially aimed for, a further 15% are still in search for their dream job after university.

The research also looked at the salaries these lucky graduates were receiving. 30% of those that were successful enough and found employment within their first year of graduation started their career on £12,000 per annum while 9% were initially unpaid.

A further 27% earned £12,000-£19,000 while 29% said their salary was £19,000-£30,000.

3% of graduates said that they earned over £30,000 a year during their first year of employment as a graduate.

Encouraging results

Sara Newell, the Manager of Student Markets at Endsleigh, said that while it is challenging to find that dream graduate role immediately after university, many graduates remain realistic about potential difficulties they may face.

She also noted that it is extremely encouraging to see that almost half of graduates over the past four years have achieved their dream role, while an even higher percentage have secured full time paid employment.

The survey also found that a third of graduates were willing to lie about their work experience on their CV in order to land the job of their dreams, while a further 29% said they would lie regarding the amount of knowledge they had which was relevant to a role.

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