The professional network LinkedIn is proving to be a huge asset to employers as it boasts 20 million members in the UK alone.

Recently named the world’s largest professional network, the latest announcement means that 58% of the UK’s workforce and students are now using the platform to find work, search for opportunities and connect with other likeminded individuals.

To mark jumping this hurdle, LinkedIn have released a snapshot of their varied UK membership, including everyone from IT professionals to rocket scientists, lawyers, doctors and even magicians.

LinkedIn’s UK member base has grown by an incredible 17 million people since 2009. London, Birmingham, Reading, Manchester and Glasgow are amongst the most prevalent cities on the platform. Sales, recruitment and marketing are the most sought after positions and skill sets, according to the site.

Increased engagement opportunities

LinkedIn’s UK director of Talent Solutions, Chris Brown, said every member of the site represents a potential candidate for employers, meaning LinkedIn is “the unrivalled platform for businesses of all sizes to engage and recruit the best candidates”.

“This huge pool of talent highlights the need for companies to invest in their employer brand, making sure they stand out from the crowd attract the professional talent that they need,” he explained.

Research suggests the most represented industries on LinkedIn at present include construction, hospital & healthcare, IT & services, retail and financial services.

On the other hand, the top five most sought after skills on LinkedIn comprise of Marketing, Sales, Recruitment and Java. Those looking for graduates in these areas are likely to find a wide array of individuals that meet their hiring criteria, if they can offer incentives and deals to entice them away from their current employers.

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