Starting a new job can be an overwhelming experience, even for people who have done it before. A new office means new challenges, a different dynamic, and lots of colleagues that you need to get to know and potentially collaborate with.

It is important to remember that good first impressions can have a significant impact in the world of work, so if you can nail your first day on the job, just like you did at the interview, you can quickly become part of the team and feel right at home.

Do your homework

You may have thought after leaving education that you would never have to hear the word ‘homework’ again, but preparation really is key. While no one in your new company will expect you to come in and be fully up to speed, you can take some of the pressure off yourself with a little bit of research.

After you have secured the job, ask your new employer if there is anything that you can have a look at ahead of your first day. Otherwise, use the internet and research the industry – any knowledge of current trends or key words that you can pick up can ensure you are not left scratching your head on your first morning.

Develop relationships

Naturally, on your first day you will be eager to get on with everyone in the office, however make sure you first focus on those within your smaller team or division. Your relationship with them is largely going to determine your early career prospects, and they are also in the perfect position to guide you through your first day.

Asking questions is never a bad thing, and they can give you the opportunity to strike up conversation which can help you get to know your colleagues on a personal level. Make sure you think them through and that the answer is not staring you straight in the face.

Soak up information

It is more than likely that your first day on the job is not going to be the most taxing, but you will probably have a lot of information thrown at you at once. Make sure you are taking notes and do not get stressed if you find things a little difficult at the start – remember to stay calm!

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