Securing a new job is pretty exciting, as after all the hours of job hunting, research, preparing for interviews and a few rejection letters, the hard work has finally paid off and you’re about to start the next step of your journey.

However, as you gear up for your first day, that excitement can quickly turn into nerves and suddenly you can find yourself filled with doubt and unsure about why they even decided to hire you in the first place.

It is vital to remember that it is never as scary as you might think, and as with most things in life it is all about your attitude and the way you approach it.

Revisit what you will be doing

Let’s face it, who is not scared of the unknown? When you are caught up in first day nerves, it can be easy to lose sight of why you are really there.

Take some time out before you start to go over the job description of your new role, and remind yourself of what your responsibilities will be. That way you can start with a real sense of purpose and be well aware of what to initially expect.

Shifting focus away from things you cannot control and on to the day-to-day aspects of the position instead will ensure you are thinking of the bigger picture, easing your nerves in the process.

Keep things simple

Often the biggest source of nerves can come from the small things – whether you are unsure about what to wear or worried you might be a little late, it can all add to your anxiety but this can be easily avoided.

Get in touch with whoever you are liaising with and iron out the smaller details, such as timings and what to wear to give yourself piece of mind, as early as possible.

Take down notes

Whether it is general instructions, passcodes, login information or a to-do-list during your day, it is always best to have the option to write down anything important as and when you hear it.

It is more than likely that you will be bombarded with information during your first day, leaving it almost impossible to remember everything you need to, especially if you are a little nervous and eager to impress.

Being able to check back will also avoid you having to constantly ask questions to your new colleagues, and will show off a great deal of professionalism.

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