Graduates from Scottish universities lead the way in employment

Graduates from Scottish universities lead the way in employment


Graduates from universities in Scotland have plenty to celebrate after setting the record for landing professional level jobs in the UK.

A study by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) found that graduates from Scotland’s 19 universities led the way when it came to getting into professional employment or entering further study.

In fact, 90% of Scotland’s graduates were either in professional employment or further study, compared to the British average of 88.8%.

These graduates have even more to celebrate as the research also found that they have the highest average starting salaries in the country – £22,500 – when compared to the UK’s median of £21,500.

The number of Scottish graduates in graduate-level roles was 4% higher than in the rest of the UK, suggesting that a higher number of skilled roles can be found there.

Developing a strong talent pool

A spokesman from Universities Scotland described the findings as “great news” for the class of 2015 and noted how encouraging it is to see Scotland performing better than the UK average.

He added that the figures build on last year’s and as a result, highlight how the university experience in Scotland is “very focused on employability and on developing graduates with well-rounded skill sets”.

The spokesman concluded that Scottish universities will continue to work closely with employers to design courses and create work placement opportunities for students, to ensure their skilled graduates form a “strong talent pool for Scotland”.

This research will also be encouraging to the 25,000 Scottish students who have just had their university places confirmed.

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