Employees in the financial service sector can prepare for a fruitful Christmas, as an increase in both rates and opportunities emerge, according to Giant Group. This comes as great news to those working in this industry, especially as the festive season is one of the most expensive times of the year.

Figures revealed by the specialist service provider showcase their latest analysis, which discloses numbers that suggest that these types of professionals are to assume an upsurge in financial reward and opportunities. This will all take place over the next 12 months.

On top of this, there is little gap between assignments, signifying that contractors are progressively sought after. This upsurge is said to come from the growing regulatory burden that is being placed on the financial services sector, including a universal upturn in the UK.

Managing director of Giant Group, Matthew Brown, suggested that demand has grown steadily “for some time” before adding that it’s “no surprise” to see high levels of optimism among contractors.

“Some commentators have criticised the financial sector for failing to learn from its mistakes leading up to the global recession,” he said. “However, the growing regulations that have been, and continue to be, placed on the industry are an attempt to curb reckless behaviour to prevent these errors from happening again and it appears that contractors are benefitting.”

Contractors play a key role in helping organisations through the challenges they face and the research revealed changing attitudes among workers in the financial sector.

“Our data has also highlighted that the percentage of contractors who would accept a permanent position if offered has continued to drop, even with the broad-brush approach that the government has taken to contractor legislation in recent times,” explained Mr Brown.

Professionals are now recognising what can be gained from working in this way and organisations now understand how taking on these experts promises them a number of benefits.

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