Employers are planning to hire more staff this summer than ever before, according to a new study by CareerBuilder.

The nationwide survey – which looked at more than 400 employers – aimed to find out the hiring plans of UK firms this year.

The research found that 39% of employers will be hiring seasonal workers, while 81% of these firms will be considering their summer employees for future permanent positions.

Gaining new skills and experience

Scott Helmes, the Managing Director of the research firm, said the report demonstrates there are ample opportunities for graduates looking for seasonal work which can act as a “great gateway” into future permanent employment.

“Not only are many employers open to bringing summer hires on for permanent positions, but seasonal work is also an excellent way to gain new skills and experience and connect with people who could be great references later on,” he added.

The research found the most likely sectors to hire for seasonal workers were:

  1. Customer service – 36%
  2. Office support – 32%
  3. IT – 29%
  4. Sales – 28%
  5. Engineering – 19%
  6. Construction & Painting – 18%
  7. Hospitality & Leisure – 18%
  8. Manufacturing – 17%
  9. Research – 17%
  10. Restaurant/Food service – 13%

Transforming seasonal work into permanent work

Helmes noted that graduates can turn their seasonal jobs into a permanent position with “a little initiative, a lot of hard work and some outstanding effort”.

He offered the following tips for graduates to increase their chances of turning their seasonal role into a permanent one:

  • Be proactive and ask if peers need assistance
  • Always be on time
  • Dress professionally
  • Ensure the hiring manager is aware that you are looking for a permanent position

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