Graduates will be pleased to know that a staggering 74% of employers in the UK are embarking on a huge recruitment drive over the next three months.

Research by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) found that three in four firms will be on the hunt for the best talent over the next few months. This was according to their latest JobOutlook survey based on the responses of 600 employers.

Increasing hiring intentions and salaries

Compared to the previous two months when hiring intentions were lower – 62% in May and 63% in June – the recent data shows businesses are recovering and employers have more confidence in the British economy after the General Election.

80% of respondents said that the economic conditions in the country as a whole are improving, while 46% said they are expecting to hire more staff and for investment to further improve.

The report also found that 71% of employers are planning to hire permanent staff in the medium term while 41% will be increasing salaries for staff who have been employed in the last 12 months.

Moreover, a huge 99% of respondents said that agency workers are paid either the same or more than a permanent worker.

Attracting a skilled workforce

Worryingly, employers are also preparing themselves for shortages in talent for certain roles over the next 12 months. These include:

  1. Professional/ managerial roles: 14% shortage
  2. Construction roles: 11% shortage
  3. Technical and engineering roles: 11% shortage

Kevin Green, REC Chief Executive, said this research highlights that almost all businesses are currently operating at full capacity, meaning they need more staff to meet demand.

For workers and graduates these statistics are brilliant news, especially with starting salaries continuing to rise as employers compete for the best talent, he noted.

Mr Green also explained that employers have the responsibility of attracting graduates and employees for long term positions and therefore must work alongside the Government and universities to understand what these individuals are looking for in an employer.

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