Employees should sell themselves more on social media


The UK workforce should increase their use of social media to help sell their skills and abilities to potential employers, new research claims.

Market researchers Bilendi looked into the use of social networking sites and their findings coincide with the Finale of the Brathay Apprentice Challenge 2015.

More than 27 million Brits use social media on a daily basis according to the research, yet only a quarter have sold themselves using the platforms to boost their careers.

Only 19% of those questioned said they used it to aid their career enhancement too, suggesting many graduates and other workers could be missing out on a number of opportunities.

Given that 65% of those responsible for hiring new staff admitted to using social media, graduates could benefit massively from having a profile that showcases their skills.

Indeed, 12% of recruiters said that a good social media presence impressed them and called for people to share more information about themselves.

Highlighting soft skills and abilities

Activities commonly missed from profiles included fundraising and volunteering activities – only 19% and 17% of people respectively included these on their pages.

Coaching and mentoring, team building and leadership were also widely ignored although they are regarded as skills that many employers look for.

Three quarters of jobseekers revealed that they are looking to complete extra courses and training to enhance their CVs yet many are forgetting to celebrate the skills they already have.

Godfrey Owen, Chief Executive of the Brathay Trust – a young people’s development charity – said that self-selling on social media provides a great medium for those exploring the job market.

He added that there is more to it than just talking about qualifications and experience though, suggesting that soft skills could also reveal a lot about an individual.

Mr Owen added that finalists in the Apprentice Challenge all recognised the importance of these soft skills as being vital to a successful career.

These help to make graduates and other candidates stand out from the crowd, providing them with a useful head start when competition for roles is high.

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