Although many believe their field of study to determine the direction of their career, new research from a number of digital marketing specialists suggests this is far from the case. In fact, spending more time pursuing a digital apprenticeship could be the way forward, according to Forward Role.

As a surge of new digital hubs emerge outside of London, there is now more choice than ever for those wishing to follow a digital career. The likes of Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and East Anglia are all proving to be highly attractive alternative locations for graduates wishing to go into the digital field. However, if you wish to work in this industry, you don’t necessarily need a digital qualification and research reveals many of the top earners have studied everything from history to biology at university.

This proves the digital industry is made up of individuals from all academic backgrounds, with a number of high flyers failing to choose a degree with their end career in mind. A number of interviewees have stated transferrable skills learnt during time spent studying the likes of English, Creative Writing, History and Journalism are invaluable.

Steve Thompson, managing director of Forward Role, said the research highlights that youngsters “shouldn’t put too much pressure on themselves when plotting their route into further education”.

Due to the dynamic nature of the digital industry, plenty of options exist which mean it is very difficult to ever completely discount a potential career path.

“While it’s not a hard and fast rule for all industries, our research shows that a person’s degree doesn’t automatically restrict their career from branching off into different directions,” explained Thompson. “You can forge a successful career in digital marketing regardless of your academic background.”

He added that employers tend to look at experience, personality traits and personal skills when hiring, as they are keen to see how an individual can contribute to their business.

Many are starting to see a pattern in graduates favouring internships and apprenticeships. Those who have recently graduated are also considering apprenticeships in order to land their next role. This proves there is no set blueprint for success in this business.

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