Cardiff University has developed a new software engineering degree to provide graduates with on-the-job experience while tackling the skills shortage in Wales.

The university is working alongside the Welsh Government to launch the new National Software Academy, with a core focus on training the next generation of software engineers.

Meeting local demand

The course is run in partnership with the Alacrity Foundation, providing a three-year degree programme in applied software engineering.

This new course is set to address current demand across Wales, and in fact the rest of the UK for skilled software engineers.

Platfform – the Welsh Government’s new digital innovation company – located in Newport, will be where the degree and training will take place.

In order to meet this ever-increasing demand, the Welsh Government undertook market research and predicted that Welsh industries will need 2,700 qualified software engineers every year.

With the currently supply of skilled graduates in this field remaining quite low, this new course could be the answer.

In order to tackle the shortage head-on, students who are enrolled in the course will get the chance to work on real-life projects taking place in the industry, under an experienced software engineering mentor.

Providing a ‘distinctive educational experience’

Professor Karen Holford, Pro-Vice Chancellor at Cardiff University’s College of Physical Sciences and Engineering, said after talking to partners in the STEM industry it is clear they need more graduates that are leaving university with sufficient skills for the workplace.

In order to provide what local firms require, she added that graduates at Cardiff University will enjoy more on-the-job experience than ever before, alongside increased levels of interaction with businesses in the field.

Professor Holford concluded that the National Software Academy has been developed to address these issues and provide students with a “distinctive educational experience”, ensuring they stand out from the crowd of job-seekers.

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