Brexit: What is the impact on hiring intentions?

According to a survey by the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR), nearly three quarters (73%) of graduate recruiters continue to hire as planned after the result of the EU Referendum.

The AGR surveyed some of the UK’s biggest student and graduate employers about how the EU referendum had impacted their recruitment plans for 2016 and 2017.

Things are looking positive for the Class of 2016, with the majority of employers making no changes to their recruitment plans - just 5% have said they will reduce their graduate intake.  2% have said they will increase hires and 19% said they did not know what their plans were at this stage.

The apprenticeship landscape for 2016 is less clear. Just over half of respondents said they would keep their apprenticeship opportunities, 8% said they would increase and 3% said they would fall.

Stephen Isherwood, chief executive at the AGR said:

"We know the graduate jobs marked rises and falls with the economy. After Brexit there’s a lot of uncertainty, particularly around aprenticeships which is likely to be related to the levy. But for many employers this has not appeared to reduce their desire to attract and retain the best student talent. We urge students to stay focused, remain positive and seek university careers advice for guidance on making the most of your skills and ability to be a great candidate. We will review 2017 hiring plans in the autumn, which be more indicative of the longer-term effects of Brexit.”

Sources: Association of Graduate Recruiters, Onrec

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