A Third of All Brits Target A New Job As 2016 Resolution

A number of employees are searching for new jobs at the start of 2016, predominantly driven by a desire for higher wages and career progression.

According to Indeed, 52% of young people between the ages of 16 and 24 are on the lookout for a new career this January.

Of 1,000 people questioned, a third admitted that finding a new job was at the top of their New Year’s must-do list. This suggests it’s not just the young who are wishing to find a new job this month.

With a 44% rise in job-related searches on the cards this month alone, the job sector should start to think about factors that will help these individuals in their search.

Why The Hunt For A New Job Now?

Research suggests that those on the hunt for a new role are tying their searches to higher wages (62%) as well as to career growth (31%). A New Year represents an opportunity for a new start for many, meaning employers need to act quickly if they wish to hold onto their best talent.

A quarter (25%) of all participants asked said that they wanted to be employed by a company willing to help them grow, learn new skills and climb the career ladder.

A New Year, A New Role

January is one of the most popular times for job change and this year is no different with almost 28% of 16-24 year olds and 32% of Londoners beginning their search now. As many as 60% of young people believe there are more job opportunities in January, compared to at any other time of the year.

It appears jobseekers today are intent on finding the right role as opposed to settling for any job. Only 10% of those questioned believed the job search to be a time consuming activity. This is something employers should keep in mind when advertising new roles, but also when it comes to offering their employees great benefits and opportunities.

A quarter of individuals in the research said they plan to spend just one or two months on their job search, but it’s important for job seekers not to place too much pressure on themselves to find roles.

At the same time, employers need to ensure they provide the best possible information to aid them in their search, as a failure to do so could see them missing out on the best talent.

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