Your Guide To Juggling More Than One Job Offer

 You may feel like having just one job offer on the table is cause for celebration, let alone two or three, but if you manage to stand out to one employer, the chances are that you will have impressed others too.

It is a nice problem to have, but it can also be an extremely difficult situation to deal with professionally, especially if you are being pressured for a decision by a recruiter or employer.

The key is to not rush into anything and make a quick decision based on a prominent factor, such as picking the one with the highest salary – taking some time to weigh up each option equally can save you a great amount of stress, so think about the pros and cons of each position.

Does a deal from a larger company offer enough career development opportunities? What is the company culture like at the smaller business? It may be that you could progress at a much quicker rate at the organisation that is offering the lowest starting salary.

Be honest from the start

It is more than likely that you will receive a job offer whilst you are still interviewing for various other positions, so make sure you do not ignore the first one, even if you have the most desirable interview next. Responding quickly and honestly will give you the best possible chance to ensure you get enough time to make an informed decision.

If you decide to stick your head in the sand and ignore offers, you will not be attractive to either a recruiter or an employer. Often, you will find that the more honest you are, the more people will work with you to find a reasonable solution. If you need more time, let them know, whereas if it is not really right for you, do not string them along, be polite and explain your situation.

Be certain about your decision

If you are under pressure for a decision, it really is down to you to make a choice – you can either accept or decline. But it is vital to remember, that changing your mind after you have accepted an offer is very unprofessional. And if you say ‘no’, you won’t be able to go crawling back wanting to say ‘yes’.

When dealing with offers and negotiations it is important to stay in contact with employers and keep any communication you have professional. You never know when you might bump into them again so it is always best to end things on good terms, rather than to burn bridges.

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