The modern workplace has changed massively over the years, and as a result, the traditional 9-5 day has largely become a thing of the past. As employers adapt to appeal to a new generation of workers, more are beginning to offer graduates the chance to work remotely from home.

Although missing out on the commute and being in control of your day may seem perfect, working from home offers unique challenges. Distractions, a lack of routine and loneliness can be a recipe for poor performance and can ultimately jeopardise your job.

In order to work from home and be efficient you need to be disciplined and responsible for rewarding your own successes, but how exactly can you stay motivated and avoid any unwanted distractions?

Think about your setting

Much like a traditional office, where you are working can play a huge part in how engaged you are and how well you can perform. Working from a couch or whilst still in bed may seem like a dream, but it can quickly blur the line between work and home.

If you have a spare room or a study, set yourself up in there and treat it like your own office, keep it organised and make sure everything is together. You’ll find having your own space will give you a much clearer thought process and will be a clear indicator that when you are in there, it is time to work.

Check in with your colleagues

As you are out of the office it can be easy for you to fall off of your colleague’s radar when it comes to working on a project, or collaborating. Make sure you try stay in touch and keep your finger on the pulse as much as you can.

Before you start working, it might be worth checking in with your line manager first thing – you can let them know your progress, what you are going to get done and also find out what is expected of you for the day.

Form a routine

Missing out on the commute may give you some extra time for sleeping but you should not get in to bad habits. Set up a routine for yourself just like you would if you had to go into the office. Set your alarm, get dressed and prepared for the day – staying in your pyjamas is just going to give you the sense of being on holiday.

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