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Hiring Graduates During Recession
A series of shocks have hit the UK economy, and economic volatility is rising. You have probably heard that the Bank of England is already concerned we may be in a recession […]
What will become of our children if we do not act now article
Author: Jonathan Evans, CEO, Discovery In a matter of weeks, our next tranche of graduates leave university for the last time with, what should be, the excited anticipation of entering the workforce and starting […]
The secret to graduate recruitment- how to engage Millennials & Gen Zers
Hard-to-fill roles can be a symptom of wider recruitment challenges such as a limited talent pool, remote job locations or unusual working hours. In these situations, organisations often look to increase salaries […]
Shaping the Future It’s all about individuals article
In businesses, things can change very quickly – that makes the future very hard to predict. For organisations, this can make training and development difficult; what are you preparing your workforce for? […]
Young professionals
Author: Jonathan Evans, CEO, Discovery Initially, this may seem like a ridiculous statement, and I’m sure that most people’s instant response would be to answer ‘no’ to this question: a 21-year-old is […]
Placement Student to Graduate An Interview article
Name Carla Askwith Which company do you work for? Saladworks/Kettleby (Samworth Brothers) What is your job? Management Trainee Tell us about your experience of working with Discovery. I applied for the Saladworks […]
How do you keep your graduate employees from leaving your business article
So you’ve invested a fortune in your graduate recruitment programme. You’ve used a graduate sourcing company to recruit those grads that are really interested in your industry and are raring to go. […]
Why Saturday jobs are so valuable article
According to the Association of Graduate Recruiter’s (AGR) survey of UK employers, half of them believe that graduates lack basic workplace skills. In this morning’s interview with BBC Radio 4, Stephen Isherwood […]
Apprenticeship with an SME What’s it like #NAW2017 article
Following on from yesterday’s ‘Interview with an Apprentice’, today we have our Administrator Apprentice, Molly, in the spotlight! Molly joined Discovery Graduates in 2016 and has been an invaluable part of the […]