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What will become of our children if we do not act now article
Author: Jonathan Evans, CEO, Discovery In a matter of weeks, our next tranche of graduates leave university for the last time with, what should be, the excited anticipation of entering the workforce and starting […]
The secret to graduate recruitment- how to engage Millennials & Gen Zers
Hard-to-fill roles can be a symptom of wider recruitment challenges such as a limited talent pool, remote job locations or unusual working hours. In these situations, organisations often look to increase salaries […]
Shaping the Future It’s all about individuals article
In businesses, things can change very quickly – that makes the future very hard to predict. For organisations, this can make training and development difficult; what are you preparing your workforce for? […]
Young professionals
Author: Jonathan Evans, CEO, Discovery Initially, this may seem like a ridiculous statement, and I’m sure that most people’s instant response would be to answer ‘no’ to this question: a 21-year-old is […]
Placement Student to Graduate An Interview article
Name Carla Askwith Which company do you work for? Saladworks/Kettleby (Samworth Brothers) What is your job? Management Trainee Tell us about your experience of working with Discovery. I applied for the Saladworks […]
Meet Noah, Graduate Quantity Surveyor at Linear Projects article
What have you learnt over the past 6/12 months working at Linear? I’ve learnt that when you leave university, you don’t actually know a great deal! Linear Projects have been very accommodating […]
How do you keep your graduate employees from leaving your business article
So you’ve invested a fortune in your graduate recruitment programme. You’ve used a graduate sourcing company to recruit those grads that are really interested in your industry and are raring to go. […]
The value of work experience article
Stepping into the working environment is not easy, especially if you have never held a job or haven’t had much experience. The transition from an academic environment to the real world can […]
Introvert Do’s and Don’ts for Assessment Centre Group Tasks 3
We know that upcoming Assessment Centres can be daunting for some, especially those of you who are a little more reserved! We want to assure you that there is nothing here to […]